I Think I Can

From the artists:

"I Think I Can is an interactive installation that places miniature model railway layouts in public spaces, railway stations and arts centres, inviting the public to engage and play by becoming temporary residents via a tiny puppet."

I Think I Can was developed initially as an objective-c iPad application which presented the user with a selection of pre-defined questions and the resulting Jungian type.

After the initial showing, it was re-developed as a HTML5 AngularJS application with a custom Ruby on Rails CMS and API. The CMS allows for authenticated access and complete customisation of the application question pool, result mapping and associated imagery assets.

The CMS is deployed to a Raspberry Pi micro computer, which also functions as a wireless access point for the iPad. This allows the work to be deployed easily in any location, duplicated and deployed in multiple locations, as well as allowing for easy addition of multiple client iPads or other devices.

I Think I Can has toured Australia, Canada and the USA.

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